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Tom and Jerry is definitely the best known and most popular pair of cat and mouse in the entire planet. They came to our screens in 1940, courtesy of Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. They have been part and parcel of the generations gone by over the years and they still play a pivotal role in the lives of current generations. Initially, Tom and Jerry was only meant for television shows and books, it later entered the movie market. With numerous advancements in technology over the years, it was just a matter of time before online Tom and Jerry games were introduced; they have been a spectacular success ever since.

From the relatively obscure and modest beginnings, the pair of Tom and Jerry has taken the world by storm; they have bagged Seven (7) Oscar Awards over the years and have continuously evolved their plots and themes accordingly. There are currently hundreds of online Tom and Jerry games in the market, with millions of followers and players to boot.

The plain brown mouse and the domesticated bluish cat are still the protagonists in all Tom and Jerry games. As much as they are depicted as enemies in almost all the games, there are a few exceptions though, there are certain episodes or games where they are depicted as somewhat best of friends who display some queer form of concern for the well being of the each other (like Zombie City); giving you that feeling that maybe, just maybe they also do enjoy the games they play with each other.

Each of these games, just like the television shows and movies generally do have a plot that is centered on Tom's numerous attempts to lay hands on and capture Jerry. The failure to do this is usually preceded by lots of destruction and mayhem. Tom's failure to capture Jerry is usually alluded to the cunning abilities, cleverness, lots of luck and sheer wit of Jerry; the never dying mouse. The love hate relationship that exists between these two is indeed phenomenal; add this to the extreme annoyance that they continuously display against each other and you have for yourself a thick, interesting and forever engaging plot for an online game. For those who enjoyed watching Tom and Jerry cartoons over the years, the transition to the wide array of Tom and Jerry games will be seamless to say the least. Players will be spoilt for choice as they have an option of playing online games, solving some Tom and Jerry puzzles or even coloring some very intriguing and interesting pictures that are on offer.

Over the years there have been very interesting games for players, some of these games include the following;

Toms Trap-o-Matic

This is one of the most popular Tom and Jerry games; a player is expected to pick a room and try to catch the ever elusive Jerry. The battleground is the kitchen and the living room with lots of things to fall over and make your life difficult. The game initially starts with a trap for Jerry; you are allowed to add more traps to make life difficult for him.

Zombie City

Interesting game, as earlier stated it is one of those rare instances where Tom and Jerry have to pool their resources, wit and ingenuity together so as to survive. As they chase each other, they inadvertently stray into a zombie city; they become immediate targets and have to run through some deserted streets to save themselves, quite intriguing to say the least.

Tom and Jerry Cheese Maze

This is one of the most interesting games. Tom having gotten tired of losing his food to Tom has decided to build a maze around his cheese. Without letting us down, Jerry goes for the cheese and gets stuck in the maze; your aim is to get Jerry off the hook, with Tom not so far away.

The Target Challenge

In this game, Jerry takes a walk around the yard, unaware that Tom is lying in wait ready to send him flying through holes that are built on the wall; all you do is to wait for the opportune moment so as to send Tom flying through one of the holes; you shall be surprised at how many lives Jerry has!

The above are just a few of the numerous interesting Tom and Jerry games on offer; they are all worth playing. If you're looking for more fun you can check out our selection of angry birds games or if you're a fan of tractors our tractor games

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